2017 Sermons
2016 Sermons

A Tale of One City - Stuart09-16-18
Do's and Don't s - Guy09-16-18
Why Do You Go to Church? - Matt Taylor09-09-18
Lots Wife Don't Look Back - Guy09-09-18
Jesus Chris His Prayer Life - Guy09-02-18
Finishing - Britt08-26-18
Loving My Bretheren - Guy08-26-18
Turning Around - Stuart08-19-18
Clean Up Your Own House First - Guy08-19-18
The Death of a Christian - Matt Taylor08-12-18
Life - Guy08-12-18
Preparation Are you Ready08-05-18
Sermon 08-05-18
Inheritance 07-29-18
Lukewarm - Guy07-29-18
Get out of the  Boat - W. Adams07-22-18
Sermon - W. Adams07-22-18
All you need is love - Stuart07-15-18
Why I Love the Church of Christ - Guy07-15-18
Stirring Up to Remembrance - Matt Taylor07-08-18
Singing 07-01-18

Importance of Hope06-27-18
Example of Jesus 06-24-18
Lessons from John 14 - Matt Burns06-24-18
The Night Before - Stuart06-17-18
Father's Provoke Not - Guy06-17-18
Generosity - Guy06-15-18
Mercy - Al06-14-18
Humility - Britt06-13-18
Jesus forgives the sinful woman - Matt B06-12-18
Dedication - Stuart
Remember Who You Are - Matt T06-10-18
Seek God's Kingdom First - Guy06-10-18
A Perfect Investment - Mitch06-03-18
Don't take the Bait - Mitch
Why we do ... Oneal - Britt05-27-18
Remembering - Guy05-27-18
Learning to deny yourself - Stuart05-20-18
Confession of Sins - Guy05-20-18
The Gospel - Matt05-13-18
Mothers - Guy05-13-18

Bringing in the Sheaves - Guy05-06-18
Working as Members - Al04-29-18
Parable of the 10 Virgins - Guy04-29-18
In the Eyes of God - Britt04-22-18
Train Up a Child - Guy04-22-18
Conquer Yourself - Stewart04-15-18
Who will be able to stand - Guy04-15-18
Laborers in the Vineyard-Guy04-08-18
He is Risen - Guy04-01-18
Faith 03-25-18
Self Examination - Guy03-25-18
Gone Fishing - Stewart W.03-18-18
Time is Come - Guy03-18-18
I sat where you sat - Guy03-11-18
What will you do with Jesus03-11-18
Genealogy of Christ (Family Examples) - Kasey Harbin03-07-18
Enoch - Kasey Harbin03-06-18
Phillip - Kasey Harbin03-05-18
The Mighty Men of David (Shammel) - Kasey Harbin03-04-18
Mary Magdalene - Kasey Harbin03-04-18
Paul - Britt02-25-18
The High Cost of Sin - Guy02-25-18
Hope - Stewart02-18-18
Build up the church - Guy02-18-18
We Be Bretheren - Guy02-11-18
The Road Back to God- Matt T.02-11-18
Words Matter - Guy02-04-18
The People in the Pew - Matt T.01-28-18
Glorious Hope of the Believer - Guy01-28-18
Lessons from the Pulpit - Matt B.01-21-18
Light Sunday - Guy01-21-18
Driving Signs - Britt 01-14-18
House With Pictures - Guy 01-14-18
Happy New Year - StartingOver - Guy                                01-07-18
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